Anytime your home has been affected by water damage you need to make sure that there is an extensive repair process. The very first and most important thing to remember is that you must start the repair process as soon as you find out all about it not postpone it to a more convenient time. You must be aware that mold will start forming within 24-48 hours from the time dampness has been in contact with the area. It doesn’t even require a lot of water damage for mold to start forming which is crazy.
So once you realize that something is wrong you need to stop the source of the problem which is usually some type of water leak. If it is a broken water pipe or a leak somewhere then you will want to turn off the main water supply until a plumber can come in and fix the issue. You will need to remove any furniture in the affected room so that the professionals can get inside the area and have room to work. They will need to inspect everything that has been damaged so that they can give you a full estimate on the repairs that are needed.